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In The Cab - Detana!! TwinBee

The cab is setup at home (finally), and I can (finally) sit down play it (finally). There are a few issues to resolve, but nothing major, and all cosmetic. Games are running wonderfully. Finally.

I've done my usual - played Bubble Bobble, Lode Runner, spent some time on Galaga. I'm limiting the game numbers so we enjoy what's on there more, and spend time on each game. The game I'm finding myself playing the most is one I've never played before - Detana!! TwinBee, aka Twin Bee Bells & Whistles in the Western market.

It's a two player vertical shooter, so immediately you know it's my kind of game Biggrin Quirky characters, cartoon aesthetic, and solid gameplay. It reminds me of Xevious; two buttons, one to drop bombs at ground targets, and one for air targets. Charge the primary weapon to unleash a larger shot. If the two players are next to each other, you shoot a more powerful blast.

You collect Powerups by shooting clouds, which releases a Golden Bell. Shoot the bell a few times and it changes colour, which corresponds to different powerups. Blue is speed up, Red is a shield, the other colours giving either the TwinBee equivalent of multiples, different weapons, etc. Avoid Black, as it slows you down.

The game isn't too fast, it's certainly not a modern mega bullet fest. It's a solid vertical shooter, and I get to play it with a real joystick and buttons. Thoroughly enjoying it Biggrin