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2016 - my gaming plans

Disclaimer: The following is written by an opinionated oaf and should not be taken particularly seriously. If you get offended, it's your own fault for reading it and taking shit seriously. No facts were considered, opinions withheld, spelling checked, and certainly no proof reading occured. Read at your own risk.

Seems like only a year ago I set myself the lofty height of completing a pile of PS4 titles. I do that every year.

This year, the issue is confounded by the Winter Steam Sale. I ended up with a £50 Steam giftcard and picked up a pile of very cheap games. Some are bound to never be played, but I've installed a good few and played a dozen or so over the Xmas period. I'm going to try and keep up to date on the blog with what I'm playing, but I'm flitting between titles and often I just can't be arsed to write about them Smile

2016 however isn't about me tackling my backlog of games. I'm happy to accept Steam Sales and Humble Bundles will give me too many titles that deserve my time but I can't commit too.

What I'm most looking forward to in 2016, from a gaming perspective, is expanding my PC experience. VR is nearly out there for us consumers. Oculus Rift could be doing pre-orders within the next few weeks, we're all expecting an announcement at CES this month. Rift or Vive? Vive has Valve, but HTC look to be doing their own storefront for it. It's difficult to pick one or the other right now. I'll be pre-ordering as soon as possible (as long as the price isn't stupid), but will only be getting one. First available? Quite possibly. I'm favouring the Rift at the moment, but we'll see if HTC elaborate on their "big breakthrough" on the Vive which made them postpone the 2015 soft launch (it's probably PR bullshit).

I'm also looking at PC monitors, my two monitors are pretty old hat. I fancy something new with G-sync, and I'm tempted to go ultra-wide - I love the cinematic Scope aspect ratio on my projector screen, and on a PC monitor it would be really good for video editing. And yes, I'm sure it will make gaming more fun, which is a nice bonus Smile Besides, you can't go about 60hz at 4k until display port 1.3 is released, and I'd like to experience higher refresh rates. My nVidia 970 will struggle at the resolutions of a 1440p ultrawide, but I figure a decent screen now will keep me going for a good few years. I'm expecting with VR releasing I'll be dragged into an 18 month GPU upgrade cycle, so with nVidia Pascal releasing this year, a new GPU will likely be in my future Smile

And to finish the PC experience off, I'll replace the Razer mouse and keyboard I have, because I really don't like either the Lycosa keyboard or Naga mouse I'm currently using. I'm going to try a Cherry Red mechnical keyboard even though I'd prefer a Brown - that may be changed later, right now the PC is not setup in a room I can make a lot of clicking noises in.

I think the keyboard will come first, then the mouse. VR and new monitor will take longer. No rush Smile

I need to sort out an extra controller for the PC as well. I'm using my old 360 wired Razer pad, which is fine (even if the d-pad is a bit naff). Carl is kindly lending me a 360 controller for the time, there's no point buying one as I believe the Rift comes with a XBone controller and wireless dongle (which would retail at £65 themselves). I will pick up a Steam controller once they do a bundle with 2 games I want / will play. I missed the Rocket League bundle last month, hopefully it will return. I'm considering a Steam Link for streaming to the lounge TV as well, it's another option to expand the PC experience.

On console? Honestly, the PS4 is just a Skylanders box at the moment. Uncharted 4 may drag me back to it.  At least I've not traded it in!

The arcade cab needs more attention. There's too many games I want to play! And speaking of older games, I've had a bit of fun with F-Zero GX emulated on the PC recently. Great game. I need to play it more.

I'm hoping to muster the energy for the local Tuesday night X-Wing meet, but most weeks I'm too knackered in the evenings to get out (work is tiring at the moment). I need to get more X-Wing games, I've amassed too many ships to not play. Maybe the Wave Wars series that John, Will and I were planning will happen. We'll see. If nothing else, I hope to do some ship painting and modding over the coming months.

And lastly, for now, I'm downloading Unreal Engine 4 to have a play with. I've not done any real programming in a long, long time. I'd like to tinker with an engine, maybe throw together a little racing game. Maybe. Time is not on my side though, those Steam Sale games aren't playing themselves!

Oh yeah, and I'm going to be playing some UT2004 bot matches, at least one a week. Actually, I should tinker with the OLstats source so I can write an additional Last Played html page, then load is up on the main Pacmen site as a side block. Utterly pointless, but I like that kind of shit....