X-Wing. Probably the best board game in the world

A bad VR evening

Disclaimer: The following is written by an opinionated oaf and should not be taken particularly seriously. If you get offended, it's your own fault for reading it and taking shit seriously. No facts were considered, opinions withheld, spelling checked, and certainly no proof reading occured. Read at your own risk.

Seated VR update....

Can't get Assetto Corsa above 55fps so not setting up steering wheel yet. Will try other things later. Suspect people saying it's smooth don't know what they're talking about Sad reprojecrion is good though, just falls apart if you look out the side of the car. Resolution is low of course, on a regular game like this you really see the resolution deficit compared to a monitor.

Distance - got this working on VR. Don't launch SteamVR and it works. Er.... Prefer the regular game. VR was disorientating. 

Both if these driving games, the headset fov has been.... Obvious. I don't get Binocular feel on room scale, but do in driving seated? All seems odd.

Then tried DolphinVR. Er. No. Fzero gx was jank, frame rate awful. Didn't spend time tweaking it, I will another day. Tried Mario Kart Double Dash. Game is 60fps and was unsettling in VR. Boosted fps to 90 to match the headset, but not the game is playing 1.5x speed, lol. Which was no fun. I'll look again later, you can use Opcode to get a halfway solut8on with frame increase and speed stability. Will see how it goes.

Spent maybe 90 mins fucking around last night and didn't have fun at all. Sat down, surrounded by cables, the whole VR experience was shit. I didn't like it. If that had been my first experience I'd have been selling the headset.

Every day I am more and more convinced room scale is the only worthwhile VR experience.