X-Wing. Probably the best board game in the world

First evening with the Vive

Disclaimer: The following is written by an opinionated oaf and should not be taken particularly seriously. If you get offended, it's your own fault for reading it and taking shit seriously. No facts were considered, opinions withheld, spelling checked, and certainly no proof reading occured. Read at your own risk.

I spent all weekend tracking the DHL package. Prague to Germany to Heathrow to Gatwick. Then back to Heathrow? Well, it turned up today, and FUCK ME.

I'm too exhausted to go into specifics. My brain is processing the experience and pondering the implications. So I'll be brief....

Setup was about 90 minutes. Drilling holes, mounting the Lighthouses, that was the first hour. The next was moving the PC to the lounge, messing around with a monitor and cables. There's a lot of cables by the time everything is connected, and right now my Roomspace is temporary so each time I play, they'll be setup and take-down time to consider.

Once set, I jumped in to VR Tutorial, and.... fuck me where are my legs?

It's weird. An evening in and I'm used to it, I suppose, but you look down, and there's nothing. You're a couple of eyeballs floating in space. Except the controllers are perfectly rendered, and you have no hands. Just floating wands and no body. It's weird.

Maybe I should talk about the headset itself. I'd kept my expectations in check so.... well I'm happy. No it's not mega resolution, it's a bit blurry - but anything up close is fine. The "sweet spot" in the middle of the lenses is good, sure the image breaks down a bit as you look around but it is how it is. It didn't ruin the experience for me Smile There are some flare artifacts but look, this is bleeding edge hardware, state of the art. You get in now, you have to accept things are perfect. You want perfect, come back in 10 years, and miss the revolution in the meantime.

I was surprised at the FOV. Narrower than I expected. You're viewing through goggles. Again, once you're in a VR environment, you don't think about it. And again, this is bleeding edge hardware. Keep your expectations somewhat in check. Screen door? Yep it's there. But BLEEDING EDGE HARDWARE it's not perfect.

What you're buying here is an experience unlike any other. You're in the game. It's..... hard to explain. Sure we've all read about it, but you need to experience it to understand.

The VR Tutorial is eye opening, but then jump into a game and you're hooked. I didn't play a lot tonight, as the family monopolised most of the game time, lol. I tried Audioshield and Space Pirate Trainer. That was something else. I can't begin to explain.

Zombie Trainer Simulator, cardboard cutout zombies, nice and colourful. Then you turn round and one is on top of you. It's REALLY THERE. I mean, I spawned in that game inside a bench and it freaked me the fuck out. It was there but I couldn't touch it. But it was there.

Then I done a quick sketch in Tilt Sketch and, dramatic as it sounds, welling up with tears. Painting in 3D. And then walking around the image. You're doing something never possible before. Painting in 3D space. And walking around it. We're going to see things never before possible. Mind blowing.

It's going to take me a while to process this all. I've been hyped for years, and dreamed about VR gaming since I read a Dan Dare comic about 35 years ago. And now it's here. The moment has come.

Give it a few generations and mankind will be fucked. There are some serious issues VR will cause. Right now, stand up and enjoy the games. Everything has changed.