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Sentinels of the Multiverse

Disclaimer: The following is written by an opinionated oaf and should not be taken particularly seriously. If you get offended, it's your own fault for reading it and taking shit seriously. No facts were considered, opinions withheld, spelling checked, and certainly no proof reading occured. Read at your own risk.

Life is full of strange coincidences.

I'd decided to cancel my pre-order for some X-Wing Wave 8 ships. It had been around 10 weeks since I had pre-ordered, when shipment was listed in December. Since last year, a lot has changed and I simply didn't get into the game as much as I imagined, mainly due to lack of people to play with (I'm no good playing with Randoms for much the same reason I don't play with Randoms online - I'm not that social, I have no interest in "beating" people, I just want to hang out with people I know). Now I'm not saying I'm giving up on X-Wing, and I still like looking through my Fleet and I dare say I'll add to it over time, but sporadically. No more monthly ship!

The Wave 8 ships I'd pre-ordered were supposed to be for my birthday anyway. Right now, my boardgaming interest is family-focused, and what I can play at home. Ninja All Stars was a bit advanced for everyone here, at least for now, so I needed a different approach. Some Googling and YouTube videos later and I'd put together a list of Co-Op Boardgames that I felt would interest me. In all the videos I saw, one kept showing up - Sentinels of the Multiverse. A co-op card game with superheroes. That sounded like a good fit.

The local boardgame shop did not have it in, so I didn't feel bad going and browing on BoardGameGeek. There I stumbled on a UK seller with almost the entire set; core game plus all but 4 of the expansions, including the not yet released Kickstarter Oblivaeon [and before you ask, I did look at the Kickstarter but postage is almost as much as the game itself, which is just crazy). A quick RRP add up and I got over £200+ worth of Sentinels sets for a third of the price Smile

Sentinels of The Multiverse Enhanced Edition
Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City and Infernal Relics
Sentinels of The Multiverse Shattered Timelines
Sentinels of The Multiverse Vengeance
Wrath of the Cosmos
Unity Hero Mini Expansion
Scholar Hero Mini Expansion
Guise Hero Mini Expansion
Ambuscade Villain Expansion
Miss Information Villain Expansion
Wager Master Villain Mini Expansion
Silver Gulch Environment Expansion
Final Wasteland Environment Expansion
Omnitron IV Environment Expansion

It's my typical Instant Collection Just Add Water mentality where I get over excited by something and a few days later I've somehow amassed a great many of said item for a great price. As I say, Life is full of strange coincidences.

It's all nicely packed in 2 of the boxes, all instructions and dividers present.



Not bad at all. I always get a kick out of handling game cards, and this much be nearly 2 thousand odd.

I have only tinkered with the game as it arrived yesterday, but already I can see the appeal. Select a team of heroes, a villain, and an environment to fight against. Some heroes have pretty straight forward powers / abilities / cards, while some start slow and build up more and more poweras you progress - I believe the MOBA term for such a character is a Carry. Weak at first, kick arse in late game. There's synergy to be discovered. I'm definitely staying away from Google with this and going in cold, learning how best to play as I go along rather than simply copying others. That's at least half the fun Biggrin

Everything has a wonderful comic-book style to it; for example, the character HP is where a comic book issue number is listed. Thematically it's great. Get yourself thinking comic-book and visualise the attacks as they happen, it adds a lot to the experience.

The game looks to have legs and will be fun to play, plus I have so many expansions and permutations it will keep me intrigued for a long time.

Even when the planets align and you manage to bag yourself a bargain, from inception to completion in a very short period of time, even then, Life continues to be full of strange coincidences. Today was Humble Monthly day. We knew about ARK, and I'm looking forward to giving that a go with the PC guys in a few months time when I'm back gaming online. Other than that though, the rest of the games were a mystery.

And bugger me if one of the Monthly games didn't turn out to be the Steam version Sentinels of the Multiverse. You couldn't make it up.


It throws up the interesting question - would I have purchased the card sets had I known? The answer is a straight forward, logical No. Had I known, I would have embraced the PC version first to see if I liked it, saving the money. Too late now. There's a huge benefit to having the two versions though - I can play the PC version, and learn. See how it's played, understand the rules. See how damage accumulates. Get a feel for it.

I've managed 2 games this evening, and I actually won my second Smile


Of course you don't get the tactile feel in the PC version, and you don't get to see all the cards laid out in front of you. On the plus side though, the damage accumulator is automatic so I can concentrate on playing, rather than understanding how all the rules go together. After 2 games I now feel a whole lot more confident sitting down to the table top version.

I did have to laugh. To get the video game version 2 days after the card version, well, Life is full of strange coincidences.