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State Of The Pacmenian 2017 / 2018

Disclaimer: The following is written by an opinionated oaf and should not be taken particularly seriously. If you get offended, it's your own fault for reading it and taking shit seriously. No facts were considered, opinions withheld, spelling checked, and certainly no proof reading occured. Read at your own risk.

We used to be far more interesting than we are now. Look!


With 2018 upon us, yet another year has slipped by without any gaming Session. It has now been 3 years since we all met up, which is a trajedy. In putting together this little Blog, I needed some photos so had to head to the archives to have something to show . As usual I find myself missing the good old days with the guys.


There was a time in the early 2000's we'd get together most months, only for a day but we'd have a great. There was the time we played Donkey Konga:


The time we had no power at my flat so had our first ever boardgaming session:


The time a week or two after the XBox 360 came out:


The time the spent on my first arcade machine:


Viewing these pictures, many thoughts go through my noodle. We're no longer in our early thirties, we've all aged. Except Will of course.

Everyone now has kids so we have no Safe Space to game in, especially since losing the Factory as our haunt a few years back.

And I'm still wearing the same fucking pair of trousers over 12 years later. I'd happily blow money on a fancy LED striplight or other random bit of tech, but the notion of spending money on clothes is alien to me.

I miss the get togethers. I miss seeing my friends. Hope springs etneral, and I'm going to make more effort this coming year to make some regular shit happen, maybe I'll even manage to get up to Essex. Once I've got my flat build finished, I'll have a decent table for boardgaming and space for people to stay. Hope springs eternal.And most excitingly, Carl is building a little bar shed thing (it probably has a proper name, but I'm not that sophisticated):

A new base of operations? We'll have to see how cool his new fiance is.... she's not met me yet....

So who knows? Maybe I'll see these dopey fuckers once more.