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Vive day 4 - Lighthouse officially DOA

Disclaimer: The following is written by an opinionated oaf and should not be taken particularly seriously. If you get offended, it's your own fault for reading it and taking shit seriously. No facts were considered, opinions withheld, spelling checked, and certainly no proof reading occured. Read at your own risk.

Yep, I've a dead Lighthouse. It turns on, but has 16 red lights instead of 17. HTC support were great, sent me the pic above, and I confirmed which one wasn't lit. Now I'm waiting for TNT to contact me to collect, it goes to the Netherlands. Once they have it, confirm it's faulty, they'll send another one. 5 to 10 day turnaround apparently.

They said I'd not be able to use the Vive in the meantime, but after a little bit of testing, I can Smile Simply turn the front facing working Lighthouse to channel A and voila, forward tracking is fine. Limits my games, but I can still play!

I fired up Space Pirate Trainer for a few rounds. I'm not very good at it, but it's hugely fun. The game starts, there's aliasing everything, pixel breakup, screen door effect, blurred text, all the issues first gen VR has. Then you start a game and immediately I'm smiling. I stop looking at the tech and analysing the shortcomings and I'm transported to a platform shooting aliens. The Vive controllers are laser blaster models. It's fucking awesome. The game needs more variation with enemy types, but I understand that's coming in the summer at some point.

Next up, Audioshield. Welcome to the Jungle. My face is beaming, love it. Dancing around smashing the coloured blobs hurling my way. Amazing amazing amazing.

The kid has a quick go on InMind and falls over, lol. The game moving and you standing still IRL is weird. He spends the rest of the short game sat down Smile

I'm saving the bulk of my Vive games until I can do Roomspace, so what better time to try out VR seated experiences? There doesn't seem much on the Vive at the moment, but thankfully, we have the internet and the internet has everything so, of course, someone has written an API wrapper so *most* Rift games work on the Vive Smile It's call Re-Vive and.... well you've got to admire it Smile Simply extract to the Occulus game folder and drag the game exe into the Re-Vive exe.

I only grab the free stuff, and only played of those Lucky's Tales.


At first, it's amazing. Mario in VR. You're looking in, third person, on a little fox character. Mesmerising. Then the sodding in-game camera moves independently of your head motion and..... wooooh. That is not comfortable. The problem is the game has a mixture of camera motion, it's mainly you looking but also some traditional third-person-platformer camera stuff going on. A shame. The should have wrapped the level around the player, so you look to keep up with the character. There's a Nintendo game in that idea somewhere Smile

After 2 levels I'd had enough of it, it was uncomfortable, so I moved on to the Rift version of BlazeRush.

Now, I picked up the regular version of this game on Steam at some point. I can't remember when. I got it because it looked like Mashed, the original Pacmen Session Game from way back in the day. I played it once and wasn't impressed for whatever reason.

The VR version of BlazeRush somewhat contentious. Best I can figure, the devs converted it to VR and said Fuck You Steam This Is Occulus Store Only! I don't like the VR politics going on, at least Steam has an open source VR API; since Facebook acquired Occulus, they seem to have gone out of their way to try to make VR a closed platform with what seems like paid exclusives, to et devs to support only their headset. This is a shitty thing and a reason I ended up not buying a Rift.

However, if you purchased BlazeRush on Steam before some arbitrary dev-devised cut off date, you can get a key for the VR version of the game on Occulus Home store. In simple terms - I could get a Rift key for the game.

Now, this was interesting. It was mini RC cars racing around in VR. As a seated experience it was certainly great, especially with bullets flying at your face, it's wonderful. However, I wanted more of a view. Hello Roomspace again. Stand up, look around more. Crouch down and peer REALLY close to the cars.

Fuck I love VR.

And I finally got to realise what the visuals look like. Yes they're high resolution, but due to the closeness of the screen, pixels are very clear. Can you remember those old arcade games which use CRT rear projection screens? The resolution / look of the games feels like that.

And you know what, I used to love that look in the arcade, so bring it on Smile