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Vive day 5 - The Seated Experience

Disclaimer: The following is written by an opinionated oaf and should not be taken particularly seriously. If you get offended, it's your own fault for reading it and taking shit seriously. No facts were considered, opinions withheld, spelling checked, and certainly no proof reading occured. Read at your own risk.

A dead Lighthouse wasn't going to stop me having some VR fun, so let's do some more Seated VR.

I started with another go on BlazeRush, as I get a kick out of peering at the tiny models up close, or standing up to get a large view of the course. This time, I have video Smile

Occulus Store games seem to only show a small / single eye render on the external monitor, so I can't get a really good grab from it. Hopefully this gives you some kind of idea of how it all works though.

Next, a Rift game that's not on the store. Someone somewhere made a Star Wars Battle Over Endor game. Now, I plan on giving this a good go at some point, maybe tomorrow, but you need to understand something - this game made me dizzy. At the end of the video I crashed into the Star Destroyer just to end the game. Headset off, I was sweating. I was also stunned because fuck I was INSIDE an X-Wing. The graphics aren't great, and you're aiming for Tie Fighters that are little more than a few aliased shimmering pixels popping up ona shimmering black starfield, but it's Star Wars so it was still awesome. And you can look around and all kinds of things.

I need to get a HOTAS at some point!

After playing the game, I read the instructions and apparently I could accelerate and alter the wings, which I'll try next time Smile Also, turns out the yellow points on the radar are objectives. I thought it was just a simple little blaster, appears there's more to it. Next time, maybe I'll manage a full commentary. This evening, it was mainly me saying, "Fuck me!" and random fanboy jibberish.

What you're seeing here is about the sum total of my evening VR. In many ways, Seated VR is not a notch on Roomscale VR. I'll be honest, I think Palmer has short changed the Rift and those early VR supporters by releasing a product with no motion controls and being only a seated VR experience. Now, if I'd not tried Roomscale first, I'm sure I'd have been amazed. And indeed, something like this Star Wars game shows that seated VR can be compelling and fun.

Yet Roomscale offers so much more interaction and no VR induced sickness; my Seated experiences so far have had to be short as the camera or view is moving, but I'm sat down. It's not a great feeling. Your mileage will vary of course.

And the cool thing about the Vive is it offers both Roomscale and Seated out of the box.

I can't wait until Assetto Corsa has Vive support, with my steering rig that's going to be great. That's the kind of Seated VR experience I want Smile