i'm telling you its lag

Warframe - sorry Will I just got really lucky

Disclaimer: The following is written by an opinionated oaf and should not be taken particularly seriously. If you get offended, it's your own fault for reading it and taking shit seriously. No facts were considered, opinions withheld, spelling checked, and certainly no proof reading occured. Read at your own risk.

Last night Will and I were having a few games, running a few missions, nothing exciting or special. An Alert or two. I mentioned I was looking to unlock all the Junctions Terminal things, and I was on Earth, which coincidentally enough is also the location of the Kubrow eggs - I needed one for the Quest I'm on. I'm still playing Catch Up with the Quests and story unlocks, and it gives me some focus in a game which has very little.

So I selected, at quite random, a mission on Earth to assassinate someone. We jumped in happily enough.

A minute or two later, and I'm getting deja-vu. Will meantime knows exactly what's happened; we've stumbled into that mission. The one which, in 2014, broke the camel's back. The one mission which was so painful to do it was no fun, but which was also the only place to get the Hydroid parts, which was the newest Frame at the time. We played and played and played it, but never got one piece we needed.

It's a horrible mission. You have to fight this boss guy in 3 or 4 areas, and can only shoot him when he opens his mouth. He flies around, boring you to tears. When finally you beat him, if the level doesn't bug-out, you run to the end and cross your RNG fingers to get whichever part you needed - in our case, it was the Hydroid Systems. It just never fucking dropped. Never.

Quit the game pretty much due to fatigue and this kind of RNG bullshit.

Well, Will and I played through it. We took our time. I was exploring, trying to get a Kubrow Egg anyway, and we were having a chat and a laugh. I'm always impressed with how great Warframe looks, and how fluid the character traverses the tiles. It is such a good game in that regard.

We get to the end, the last fight, and that's when things go to shit. Somehow we both run out of bullets. My solution is to die, respawn with a full 200 round clip. However, I forget you can only respawn 4 times, and so end up perma-dead. Will is spamming the Vay Hek boss fucker the best he can, mainly with his sword, and eventually, after a fuck long time, he kills him.

And the level bugs-out and the water-flow-mains escape route doesn't let him leave.

Fuck it.

We quit, and I seriously consider uninstalling the game. I should be getting on with programming my own game!

Jump forward a day. The kid wants to have a quick look in the game, so we turn it on and I run a random Alert, nothing exciting but we're messing around and trying to jump out of the map, that kind of clowning around. I've told him about the crappest level ever from last night, and he asks to see it.

Sure, why not, I can show him how painful it is.

Jump in with 3 randoms. I don't even bother joining in the first few fights with the boss, I'm off exploring the new tiles, taking down a few Kubrow Dens. Eventually I catch up with the squad, who are already in the last battle. I join in, and in not too much time take Vay Hek down. Not sure why it was so hard last night, and as the end stats will show, I actually got 47% of the total damage in the level so, well, I did remember to equip multi-shot on the Soma Prime this time, so that helped I'm sure.

Run to the end to complete the mission and guess what?

Fucking Hydroid Systems! Fuck Yeah.

And without knowing it, I got a Kubrow Egg as well!

Double win. Well, from a certain perspective. I'd argue the case that getting excited about getting virtual shit hardly makes me a winner, but that's for another day.

Right now I AM A WINNER so there.

All those hours grinding the shit out of this horrible level, only to get the drop I needed when I'm clowning around showing it to the kid. Go figure.

Back to the ship, kick off the builds. But wait, I now need an Argon Crystal to make the Kubrow Incubator?