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Dev Update Week 5 - this is quite tricky

5 weeks of 2 steps forward, 2.5 steps back.

I really should write more about what I'm doing, but I'm losing whole weeks to this project. It's all I do away from Real Life. Every evening I program until I'm falling asleep. Weekends I may build a map and test my weeks work.

For all the progress I make, other things mess up though and I'm not getting anywhere fast.

I've swapped the character again, I want an anime feel to things, so right now it's a little ninja model! In orange so he stands out. The pic above shows a mock up map of just how a platformer make work in VR. I've got map size issues, as Roomscale is the limited factor, but in a few weeks time I'll start looking at locomotion solutions.

Right now, I have a character who can run, jump, and crouch; he can collect coins and he can die by falling off the edges of the map.

Not a lot I grant you, but it's something.