I need a stronger word than fuck

Development continues

Week number.... I've lost count. I've been ill lately, had some surgery (nothing serious) and generally run down. Development has continued, but usually only around 4 hours per day. Yes I know in the hands of a competent dev, we'd have a game by now. But we don't have either of those. We have me and a load of back-arse code.

A lot has been done of course. I dropped some of my more, er, fantastical ideas. It's no longer going to have a combo system, and indeed I've dropped most forms of combat. The main character will only have an electrical attack to stun enemies. Actually, that bit is kind of in, but it's not working correctly. Like a lot of the game so far, lol.

I've settled on a theme which I'll discuss later once I've a bit more to show, but for now I thought I'd finally show a few videos. The first is from the hub world, and shows you opening up the first level of the game - push the orb into the level base, stand on a switch near by, and the orb turns into a portal. Once the orb is locked to the base (which only needs doing once), it will show above it how many goals you have left to reach on that level. Here was can see all goals have been unlocked.

It's a little clunky until I can get an artist on board, the orb portal shader I put together myself, but for WIP it's doing a job.


Lastly, here's a little run through of the current World 1, Level 1 layout. The first level. Very simple, small, and currently you can't complete it but... it's there. 

I'm hoping to have a complete World to play through within a month or two Smile