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Let's make a Video Game!

Something I have been talking about for a while is making a video game. Yes, I worked for Domark / Eidos for a bit in the '90's but that was a long time ago, so I'm about as inexperienced as it gets. I sometimes do a bit of work modding a game for my own amusement, like I did the other year to pull in the OLstats UT2004 database, or making a map, but yep.... inexperienced.

That doesn't mean I don't look at every game and think, "That would be better if....."

Last year I tinkered with the idea of a Rogue-Like game, as it's a genre I'm keen on and I fancied a sci-fi side scrolling variation. It was just a thought though, and real life takes over and nothing comes of it.

Fast forward to now. VR is a new field entirely. It's a niche market, and it's a developing field. VR changes everything, old paradigms are being replaced as what a game can do is now.... different. It's all wonderfully exciting.

So I was playing Lucky's Tale via ReVive and almost immediately I'm thinking, "This isn't what a VR platformer should be. I could do better!"

Well, that's what I'm going to do. A VR platformer game harking back to the good old N64 days of style and user-feel / controls. I have unique take on it with VR that's never been done before, which I'll keep underwraps for a while. But ostensibly, it's a nostalgiac feeling platformer. In VR.

I've decided to use Unity because.... well it's free and has a load of assets I can buy, so I'll get off to a quick start. I wanted to use Unreal Engine 4 because I've used previous iterations, but the asset store selection for UE4 is poor and expensive. Unity has fucking loads of things.

To get myself started, I've picked up 3D Platformer Game Kit. This gives me a character with 3D controller already set up, which can move around and jump. Camera controls are in, it follows the character (though obstruction is an issue), and has various goodies to look at at a later date. Some nice models as well.

A fine start to a platform game Smile


And it works straight away in VR, though the framerate is too on the included asset map. A simpler map is fine though Smile

Onwards we go.