there ain't nothing wrong with a lil' play & grind

May 2017 dev update

Slowly. Very slowly. I am going to get there, but as usual for anything I do, it's a slow, incremental process.

There's a lot of changes since last months video, although it probably looks the same at first glance. There's a completely new inverse kinematics system, including head targeting. A new controller handling all the facial expressions - which are set by state. 

New shaders for everything, including the monitor face, going for that CRT feel (without hammering the drawcalls). It may not come out that well, if at all, with YouTube compression, but there are scan lines, scroll bards, and interference Smile To see your health and coin count, you need to "change channels" on the TV - this is currently done by crouching but will be handled by the Vive controller eventually. 

I have real time procedural "skid marks" creation, which is set by ground type. Temp textures at the moment, but the code is there Smile

And as a mate at work has nicknamed it Project Lario, I went for some Mario themed colours to inject some fun into things. It won't stay this way of course, but staring at the same robot character for months on end, a bit of colour goes a long way.

It won't be too long before the character is stable enough to move on to making an actual game out of all this, even though right now I get the feeling everything is held together by a thread. I can't even create a new scene with my prefabs without everything going tits up....