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Project Planning

I am not known for my punctuality.

I also have a notoriously short attention span.

Oh, and I'm also famously fickle.

These may not be the best traits for developing a video game. I was somewhat shocked the other day to realise I had not done a video update in FIVE MONTHS. OK, so 3 of those months I was focused entirely on constructing my back garden (that's not a euphemism) and I didn't get back to the game straight away, I took it easy. The last month or so, I have been fully focused on it, but I have a real full time job, a second job filming corporate events, and a family. And I need to sleep.

Watching the old videos from 5 months back, it really does not look like I have made much progress in the intervening time. This is not true. I have a little of the VR working, not a lot, but a start. The bulk of my time, as it was last year, has been spent refining the main character. I have re-written great chunks of it, more than once, and keep tightening up states to get a more solid feel.

I have my own implementation of gravity written just for the main character, for example. This allows me to use the Unity physics setup but keep a video game feel to the jumping around. Each jump has a slightly different parabolic path to get the feel I am after. That is not to say I am entirely happy with how all these jumps feel, but the code is now more solid and I have a whole bunch of variables I can play with to get what I'm after.

Everything keeps getting refined. Yet I am not actually getting anywhere on the game itself. I should have a nice feeling platforming character at the end of this process, but where is the game?

To that end, I have decided to setup an online Kanboard for project planning / management. At the moment it's pretty barebones, but it lists my intentions and workload for the next 3 weeks, with some tasks broken down into estimated time. I can start a timer when I want, and see how I get on.

This has also forced my hand in locking down just what the character can do. I am calling it SG Stage 1. Stage 1 is basic platformer stuff - you can walk, crouch, run, and jump. There are a few types of jumps, each with different animations. Stage 1 includes ragdoll (which is a whole other conversation, when I'm ready, on just how that may shape the game - it may get ditched, I am unsure how my idea will "play"). Ledge Grabbing will be included, as most of that was working last year. Wall Jump will be included, as most of that was working last year. Stage 1 includes all running and jumping particles for the character.

Maybe sound but until just now I had not considered that.... er....

Stage 1 is to be completed by this weekend. That's a tall order and may be over reaching, but having objectives will help to focus my intention and my time. I mean only earlier, I took a slight detour from planned work in to volumetric explosions and smoke as a way to do cool anime style running trails.

I lack focus Wacko

Hopefully I'll finally get a new video done next weekend and have a little character demo for my friends to test out for me. Let's see how it goes.

The kanboard can be viewed here.