why did i buy a console when i never play it?

A quick dev update

Let's just pretend my last post about Project Planning never existed, already weeks behind what I hoped for. For people who know me, this will not be surprising news - I'm crap as estimating time and, as my film productions have shown, I should realistically multiply by a factor of 6.

The end result is I'm still working on Screen Guy, the main platforming character. I'm still tinkering with getting the feel correct. I've fixed some errors, such as gravity not being great when running up or down slopes (solution, lerp gravity based on speed to a max of x5 to increase downforce), I've got a lot of IK in (half of which is missing in the video below, I changed something just before capturing, a classic mistake), and most state transitions are decent. Ledge Grabbing is messy and not doing what I hoped, transitions are wrong and I really think I should be using inverse kinematics instead of animations, but I'm worried it will become a nightmare....

This is a little test level I started throwing together for the video, so not much there. Ignore the space theme, there is a space theme in the game, but only for specific levels (each Area has a few levels, one of which is a space level) but I had no other decent skybox images to use.

Give it another few weeks and I may have something a bit more impressive to show....