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I've only gone and got fucking Reverse working! As in Backwards in fucking Time Reverse.

As in if you jump and fall off a ledge, the VR guy will be able to Rewind your character back to where they fell off! Well, not at the moment, at the moment you hold Space Bar, but the principle is the same.

Fuck me this is a great feeling of accomplishment, and it only took just 90 minutes or so! Of course I'd been laying the groundwork for months, but with the asset Chronis I was able to get things going. Yes it's not perfect yet and yes it can crash, and I need to write a whole sequence of States to handle it, but FUCK ME I HAVE REVERSE WORKING!

For those who haven't been following, this was always a significant part of my game design and one I thought I may end up dropping due to complexity.

90 fucking minutes.

The most tricky thing in the game has had the shortest dev time, lol.