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Unity 2018 - just having a look....

I'm not back working on my little game. Not yet. I'm still up to my neck in the VR Studio / Loft Conversion I am building (IRL, no in VR) which is taking far longer than I thought. There's no real end in sight, but I've had a bit of downtime the last few evenings and I really wanted to see if my Unity 5.6 project would work in Unity 2018. I skipped the 2017 builds altogether, because updating Unity mid project is really not a smart idea. Realistically however, I'm not mid project. I'm still at the start. And Unity 2018 does promise some great rendering improvements which will be useful for VR.

The migration went better than planned. It took a few iterations to get all the plugins loaded.


The main error I ended up with was a co-processing plugin I use changing Namespace. A quick ctrl-H and I fixed that Biggrin

I'm still getting non crash errors and I daren't look at the Warning logs. I've yet to see what code has been deprecated, so I'm likely a few solid days from having things back to where they are, but I'm pleased with how it's gone.

After a good.... what 8 or so months away, I got back into the Unity UI workflow quickly like I'd never been away. Can't wait to get back working. Hopefully by the summer.


As a final test before closing it down and getting back to Real Life building I got Rewired working which allowed me to actually control the character. For some reason in the upgrade I lost a lot of Tags and Layers which meant wonky physics in places, but it was good to have my little character running around. As responsive as ever.

Though after recently playing Mario Odyssey I really need to spruce up some of my animations, they miss the standard I'm trying to hit and lack the Fun Factor that Nintendo bring along to their animations.