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VR Integration is coming on

I nearly, very very nearly, had a VR video to upload today to show you. But then I realised I had a microphone on.... I'm not sure where.... so all you can hear is me cursing under my breath as I break yet another character State and the game does Crazy Shit.

It's frustrating, but thinking about it now, I'm going to take a new tact - I'm wondering if my Zero State Failure errors are really because there's no State active, or because I decrement the counter OnDisable and then increment on Update - so I could be missing a frame. It won't be the quickest thing in the world to do, but when I have nothing on the State counter I'm going to check I have no State functions Enabled before activating the State Failsafe.

I digress though.... having Rewind and Pause working relatively solidly, I needed to get away from the platformer character State issues and do something else. Let's do a bit of VR work to mix things up. Well, that was fun.

See, an issue I was having when Rewinding my character was, after a lot of work my part, diagnosed as being a problem with Unity itself. It did not like the Animator running in reverse, basically. I needed to update Unity. Not a big update, I'm not going to use the 2017 version, I'm sticking to 5.x which ended... start of this year? I had 5.5.something so went to the current 5.6.something version. And it broke ALL my VR code spectacularly. I needed to then update VRTK and SteamVR, and by the end, absolutely none of my custom VR code worked.

On the plus side, I'm getting a little better at things these days, so what was loads of code last year, I managed to achieve similar results in far fewer lines of code. My approach is still somewhat haphazard, but I am getting better Smile

As of today, I have my VR teleportation solution in place (with temp effects) and the Remote Control on the Vive handset handles Rewind and Pause. There are some.... oddities to worth through, but it's there!

Next step, after fixing a few bugs, is grabbable items and a Radial Menu. Then I'm going to build a whole level and see if this shit is any fun to play or not.... Help