you've gotta keep 'em seperated

April 26th - 27th 2013 : Day One

The day started very promisingly. Carl and I met up at the Crawley iMax for a screening of Iron Man 3. Was a good film. Alas it was to be the only thing that sounded good all day....

Up to The Venue to setup. Things were going to be different this time. We'd got a new projector (not new new, it was my old Panasonic) and wanted to give rear projection a try - free up some space, keep things neater. Carl had sorted out a bedsheet as a screen, which worked better than I imagined! Looking ahead, we'd decided to ditch the XBox 360 and move to a Frets Of Fire branch called Phase Shift on the PC. Going forwards, it was the best, logical decision - nextBox is going to be announced and released this year, it's not likely to be backwards compatible, and all the songs on it we have have would then be lost forever. A PC will always be a PC.

Kit setup, we delved into an intro game of Last Night On Earth while we waited for the rest of the guys to appear. It went really well, more on this in the Day Two writeup.

Back to The Band. We didn't have a midi drum kit around, so we were back to the Guitar Hero 5 one. XBox wireless guitars connected via 360->PC USB devices. I ditched the Fender guitar, we were going to use Phil's Les Paul through a Marshall Amp and pay absolutely no attention whatsoever to the game. How could it go wrong?

How? Well, the sound could be fucked up. I mean REALLY fucked up. Sounds awful. Phil spent most of the night running back and forth, but no matter what, it sounded shit. Mics and PC audio directly into the mixer, mixer to the PA, to the speakers. He changed every single cable, but nothing worked. Never have we sounded so bad, and that is truly saying something! It pretty much ruined the night, the enthusiasm left the building.

On the plus side, I once again looked fucking awesome in my costume. Unfortunately, once again, no one else bothered. Don't they realise how ridiculous they look? Only cool cats in costume look cool!

We done our best to kick some serious rock arse.

Highlight of the evening, in terms of pure comedy value, was John [finally] coming out of the closet during his breathtakingly accurate rendition of Sweet Transvestite.

The facial expressions say more than words ever could. Just look again.

Of course, he lacked the fabulous costume to go with the ceremony, leaving me to look cool all by myself. Again.

It was great fun with the real guitar, and thankfully a few of us can kinda play so Phil and I jumped between them, mainly covering Metallica Smile

And the evening went on. We called it a night real early, the sound killing the mood, but the guys had a pretty good time just goofing around. Still, I was hoping the next day would go better....