there's a moose loose about this hoose

April 26th - 27th 2013 : Day Two

Get up, brush my teeth, straight to the amp to workout the sound issues. Approximately 3 seconds later I found the issue - distortion was turned on for the right channel. Why the fuck couldn't we have found that last night!

Right, let's turn on some scary music in readiness; the guys will be here soon, and we're going to start the day finishing off last night's Last Night On Earth.

That was where we left it. The fire was threatening to get out of control. All great fun. We kicked through the game, not paying any attention to the countdown, we just kept going until lunchtime. At least we worked out why there was a countdown, because by that stage, Carl's chainsaw wielding character had leveled up so much, he was rolling like 7 dice compared to my solitary die. Couldn't get a bite on him at all, lol.

Down to Subway, 5 of us crammed into a 4 man booth. Very cosy.

Back to the venue for some PC gaming. Projector, pretty decent PC, this is gonna be great!

And then Steam doesn't work for me offline. Fuck. We try a few usb wifi devices but none work in Windows 7. And there I'd gone and purchased Worms Revolution on Steam especially Sad

Never mind, still got Dolphin, so we settle down for some HD Monkey Ball. Looks FAR better than going Gamecube to projector via composite.

We tucked into Will's belated birthday cake. Well, I mainly tucked into it. The Fatties in the group were watching their figures....

Then back to LNOE. Probably best to go over the rules.

The games flowed. Lots of fun was had.

Playing as the zombies, it's always fun to turn a Hero Smile

We played 3 games on the Saturday,so covered all 4 Timber Peak scenarios over the 2 days. I, as the zombies, even managed a win on the last match!

And with that, it was time to pack up (arghhhh!) and head home. Every single drive home, I realise we never got a group shot, and I was resolved to getting one this time. Tripod, camera, timer, what could possibly go wrong?