there ain't nothing wrong with a lil' play & grind

February 1st - 2nd 2013 : Day Two

Day Two....

As you'd expect, the morning went by as people slowly rolled in. Bunch of old farts, struggling to get going after "partying" (ahem) the night before. Finally, with everyone around (except Chris who rarely makes the Saturdays), it was time for the carvery!

King size, as many spuds as the plate could hold. A feast fit for a king. Lovely! Alas the rest of the group are a bunch of weight watching girls and opted to have regular, girl sized plates. Andy even vanished for twenty minutes while he "purged".

We eventually got some gaming time. It was very much a mixed bag. As I'd previously done when I last saw Tigernuts, I wanted to show him the virtues of the PS3. So on goes Motorstorm Apocalypse, a huge visual treat. Single player was the best, there's so much shit going on it's a pleasure just to sit back and watch, though I purposefully avoided the levels with the worst aliasing (sometimes it's so ugly it hurts). It looks a lot better in person than in this quality photo we took.

I'm not sure what happened the previous night in their hotel room, but as this photo shows, Andy looks upset and Chris strangely guilty.


We played some Playstation Battle All Stars or whatever the fuck it's called. I liked it. No-one else did. Not a huge success. Time for the big guns - Bomberman on the Saturn!


Always a good bet, and good fun to play rounds. Got kind of bored so fucked around until Andy and Chris had 2 wins a piece, needing only a third for victory, then turned up the heat and got 3 in a row. Hey, I do what I must to keep myself entertained.

FIFA 12 was great fun. Lots of arguments. The MOTD covers the classic win. Andy was well and truly pissed and started doing some war chanting. Was just like Braveheart.

With no more 6 player games around, everyone whipped out their phones to find an alternative on PSN. So we got XMen arcade. I don't know what the others were expecting. I was expecting the game I played in the arcades in Southend over 20 years back. Apparently none of the other guys started playing games until the 360 was launched, as they were all horrified by the graphics and gameplay. Money gone, too late fellas Blum 3


Pacman Vs appeared but that tends to get a bit ropey with too many players waiting their turn, and I can't help but feel it's lost some charm as we've over played it.

I'm sure we played other titles, but nothing else stands out. FIFA was the best game of the night, packed with emotion, intrigue, and an angry, cursing Northerner. So it was just like the real thing.