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July 19th - 20th 2013 : The One Without RockBand

No Rock Band / Phase Shift? WHAT?

After the audio catastrophy of the last session, I needed a break from it. Plus it would be too fucking hot. So the plan was boardgames and videos.

So, Roll call!

First on the scene, of course, was Johnny B Good:

Then this wonderfully handsome individual appeared:

Yes, I was wearing a vest, but it was bloody hot, and six guys in a little room with no air, not my ideal scenario. So vest it was. The guys should be thankful I kept my shorts on.

Awoken from their ancient slumber, Will's bushy sideburns were next on the scene. Will arrived a few minutes later.

Having plotted The Great Escape from his missus for the evening, Phil spent the better part of our gaming time contemplating the ramifications of his exit strategy.

Chris managed to come along for a few hours, despite working the night leading into the Friday and looking absolutely fucked.

It wouldn't be a Session without everyone, other than me of course, fucking around on their phones and texting their Wives. 

And finally, Carl got out of Jail later than he hoped.

I'd driven down in the morning, and bravely ventured into Basildon. Evidently Jeremy Kyle had finished filming his latest series, as all the locals were around. I can't say I miss Essex. I miss my friends, but Essex itself? OK, and I miss Dukes, but I hear that's been torn down. Grabbed a Subway salad, a nice healthy start to the weekend, then met up with Will to watch The World's End.

And very funny it was too.

Round to see John and do some IT work for him, and then onto the Gaming! So what did we do? Well, the Friday was Last Night On Earth. You can read all about the game here www.pacmen.co.uk/motd/escape-truck

We grabbed the pizza's an hour in, while Carl was running late, and as usual, it was great to see the guys. Thankfully the "How's the family" conversation was kept to a minimum (I'd pre-warned them!) and for a brief moment, we were all 20 again. Happy Days.

Back to the game.

Personally, I enjoyed it more this time than last, and that's saying something. The added complexity from the Survival Of The Fittest pack, mixed with various Timber Peak components, really made Last Night On Earth more strategic, and more fun. So while we'd hoped to get in a couple of games, and some video gaming that night, it was not to be.

I'm continuing my research into mobile phone signal jammers....

I'd like to elaborate further on the evening, but we honestly didn't do anything other than a single LNOE game. John and Carl drank some cider Andy had recognised them. And as usual, we totally failed to get a group shot. Next time....

Chris struggled on for a few hours, but really, he looked dead on his feet and needed to sleep, so he headed off first. Will was close behind. So it was left with me, as the Zombies, vs Carl, Phil and John. 18 zombies vs 5 heroes.

I ended up with the win in a VERY close game. The Best Dress In Vests.

Game over, John headed home while Phil, Carl and myself hung around chatting for an hour or two. I do enjoy these get togethers.

I crashed on a couch for the night.

Next morning, John appeared nice and early and we headed off to a local boardgame shop - the previous day I'd convinced him to paint his own figures. So we went, the shop was closed, so we returned. Never mind.

Carl missed us when we popped out, so we all met up in Subway (again!), grabbed some food, then back to base for some video games. Yep Video Games! Back to how it all begun Smile

Projector and rear screen set up, we had to play Motorstorm 2 without sound until Phil appeared with the mixer. We then played a couple of games on FIFA 12, where once again the might Accrington dominated, this time beating the minnows at Spurs in two straight games.

In all fairness, it wasn't really fair, as it was Phil and I vs John and Carl. Carl knows just about fuck all concerning football, other than managing to shout BALE whenever, er, Bale got the ball; and John, well, he's just John. I started to want to shout JOHN whenever John got the ball.... maybe next time....

Carl headed off early afternoon to return to Duty, so we packed up the kit and got back to Last Night On Earth. Will appear just in time to nominate himself as the Zombie Player. Read all about this epic match here www.pacmen.co.uk/motd/defend-mansion

After another incredibly long game, Will headed off. It was around 7 or 8pm now. I didn't want to leave until 9.40 or so, to avoid the sodding Dartford Crossing toll. John was itching to go home, so as a an idea I suggest we play A Touch Of Evil.

A Touch Of Evil.

By the guys who made Last Night On Earth. Should be good, right?

Fucked if I know. Phil and I, knowing nothing about the game, were thrown in by John who was in such haste to go home the he seemingly made up the rules as he went along. All I know was that I, er.... OK I don't know anything about it. We had to kill some Big Bad. Don't know why. I purchased a gun. I think? It happened so fast.

And poof, just like that, he was gone. Leaving Phil and I. I had half hour until I wanted to leave, so we packed my car, and started chatting, then 2 hours later I finally left. When Phil and I get nattering about film stuff, we tend to go on and on and on....

Long drive home, with seemingly every fucking road closed between Essex and Brighton. Brilliant.

And that was that. Another Gaming Weekend gone in the blink of an eye.