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May 21st 2016 - The One With No Grown Ups

For the first time in 6 months, some of us got together to play video games with Will and John driving down to see me in Brighton. I don't have much space at home, even with the family kicked out for for the day, but there's enough space for a few of us to hang out while one lucky person gets to fart around in VR Smile

But before we got to have fun, we headed Sainsburys to join other old folk for breakfast and to prevent a domestic emergency by buying some washing tablets. Maturity sucks and I strongly advise against it.

In VR you're cut off from the Real World, completely enclosed in a virtual environment. It has therefore been somewhat of a revelation to find out it is a wondefully social experience. With a few friends you can have a great time. A shared experience, laughing as people freak out. Will and John both went through the Tutorial, then Space Pirate Trainer and Audioshield. Then I made everyone feel sick in Star Wars Battle Over Endor; at least we know it's not just me who gets motion sick in that game.

Having spent time with the Old Folks at Sainsbury, we tried to recapture some of our youth by lunching with the kids at Nandos, before heading back for some more VR. I thought it would be fun to give both Will and John 15 minutes each in Tilt Brush to create something, get the old creative juices flowing. Yep, even Will and John have some creativity in them. Somewhere.

John drew a rather inspired X-Wing battle. Fuck knows what Will created, some kind of alternate world snow crazy scene. All was captured on video Biggrin

I had a great time, hopefully we'll get the old gang back together at least once more this year.