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May 3rd - May 4th 2019 : Nemesis

After several failed attempts at meeting up (mainly because I kept getting ill), we finally managed to get together for a boardgame.

I got to Essex mid afternoon and met the ever reliable William. John appeared for 10 minutes (boardgame convention the next day) with a wonderful gift for me - some Walking Dead minis he'd painted! For years I tried to get John into mini painting, and now he's doing a grand job. Check out these bad arse minis complete with custom bases (I have a thing for bases):

Will look great on the table Smile

Will and I spent the next two hours watching a setup guide for the boadgame Nemesis on Phil's camping table - piles of cards and tokens.

We headed to Asda / George to get some plastic bowls for token management, getting soaked on the way back and taking refuge under a tree (worked out well enough, while we waited I ate the cheese sandwich I'd bought).

Slowly the guys started arriving, and we ended up with five of us - Carl, Will, Phil, Chris and myself. Everyone except John was there for the evening game.


We'd never played Nemesis, and for us it was rather complicated. It's all relative, but we've been mainly Zombicide gamers, so this represented a big step up. The game is basically Alien The Movie As A Boardgame, with a touch of Aliens (Queen, Nest, weapons). Kind of co-op, but everyone has their own objective which may or may not involve screwing over someone else (or everyone if you're Will). Thematically it is very strong, and having had this one game, it looks like there are quite a few ways each game can go, with a random selection of rooms per game, random layout, random objectives, and multiple ways to die.

Without really knowing how the game plays, we all made our first move. By the end of the first player round, Phil had to head out for twenty minutes; by the end of the game turn, we had spawned an alien on top of his character. Genuinely. The fact I had a personal objective to kill him was merely a coincidence....

With the first alien spawned, you have to choose which of your secret objectives you are going to play towards. Spawning an alien so early in the game, with only a couple of rooms revealed, would eventually come back to bite some of the players as we didn't know the game, and some objectives require a specific room to complete the objectives. 

Much of the evening involved my so called good friends calling me a Snow Flake, and some bizarre joke involving Veggie Percy sweets they all found hilarious because I'm a vegetarian. Despite subsequently being sent this photo, I still have no real idea what they were going on about. Must be an Essex thing:

We played 6 or 7 rounds of the 15 in the game, before calling it a day - objectives we couldn't do, and it was getting pretty late by then for most of the old men. It must have been half past nine! Will had left, Chris and Phil were almost asleep. 

We're all looking forward to playing this game again next time we get together, with a better understanding of the rules. And at an earlier time so the old men don't kip.

Saturday was entirely myself and Carl. I woke after about 4 hours sleep and spent the morning hoping a headache wouldn't turn into  full migraine. We even went to get migraine pain killers from the chemist. A trip to The Lodge for lunch, then back for some video gaming.

I've had Crawl since whenever it appeared in a Humble Bundle or the Monthly. Great reviews on Steam. We fired it up for a game, and it's brilliant. Rogue-like 4 player competitive, 3 vs 1, monsters vs human with whoever kills the human swapping places. Levelling up in game and seemingly quite a lot to unlock. Another game to add to the list of "Must play when 4 of us are there".

And that was about it. Except for some bizarrely timed texts Carl started getting in the afternoon, "Did you set this up Matt?" that..... are best not detailing here, this shit tends to come back and bite people in the arse. Good luck Carl. You'll need it.