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Nov 27th 2015 : Just The Two Of Us

The first rule of Pacmen, when we set it up, was there must be at least 3 of us present for it count as a Session. That was the VERY first thing specified.

As romantic as that sounds, the reality is that there is about zero enthusiasm from most people to meet up these days.

A November Session had been a tradition going back many years. I know this because for the last three years it had fallen on the November weekend opening of the Hunger Games films. Every one of them, I had seen at Basildon; the first with Phil, the second myself, and the third last year with Chris.

So when at the last Session we discussed a November Session, I quickly looked up the latest, and last, Hunger Games film opening date. I like tradition. There were 4 of us there at the time - Carl, Phil, Chris and myself. Carl couldn't make that weekend as he was seeing the film with the family. OK, the following weekend? The 27th November?


Carl could make this. Phil could make this. Chris said he'd need to check closer to the time because of Shift patterns, but he hoped to sort it out. I know John would be OK with it from an earlier chat (any time in November YES, any time in December NO). From a chat with Will, I knew he had that whole week off work, so for him it was perfect.

A date was set.

And what followed was the usual story of drop outs, blow outs, half arsed excuses, apathy and, ultimately, salt.

The whole thing crumbled.

The first two people to set the date, Carl and Phil, couldn't make it - apparently they forgot about family birthdays that weekend.

"I'll check the calendar and get back to you in 30 seconds!" said Chris on 23rd October. I've yet to hear back.

That left John and Will, and set us up for a solid few days of X-Wing. I wasn't overly enamoured at that prospect, I like the game of course, but I don't want to play it for 20 hours straight! How about an Epic game? A mad huge game, I can use my Epic ships, we'll try and muster 500 points a side and have either 2 v 1 or 2 v 2 if someone, anyone, else appears.

Nope. John has his comfort zone and this was well outside of it. He'd give it a go, but with John there's no point in giving something a go. That's John speak for, "Moan through the whole thing." So what to do?

For a time it looked like we'd just cancel it all, but Will was off work the week, and I was (eventually) able to get half a day off, so we ended up at the local boardgame shop on a 6x3 starfield mat to play 500 point fleets.

Two people who, between us, had played maybe 5 proper games. This was going to be interesting.

The table looked like this:

It looks awesome, all those ships on a boardn but it took nearly 2 hours to get the fucking thing setup. So many cards, ships and tokens. For future generations to note, NEVER let Will put the plastic stands together, I think every single one he did he managed to split Aggressive He doesn't know his own strength Biggrin

The setups were basically Will as Imperials with a Raider, a whole load of TIE Fighters, 2 Interceptors, a Defender, Firespray Bounty Hunter and a Lambda shuttle. We were trying to keep it simple with only a few Aces, so no mega complex moves to remember. I was Rebels (I'm a Good Guy!) with a Corvette, YT-2400, E-Wing (E'tahn, thinking his crit skill would help the team), Luke in the X-Wing, Ten Numb in the B-Wing escorting the Corvette, and a couple of Z95 Headhunters loaded with Assault Missles.


We had almost no idea what we were doing. We'd have been in trouble in a normal game, let alone adding the Epic ships and their sub-games of Energy and whatnot. We could really have used John being there to help out with just the simple things, like what Asteroids do!

Regardless, we valiantly carried on and finally, 2 hours after we arrived, we got our game underway.





Not a lot happened the first round. I was playing slowly slowly. Neither of us had ever "moved" an Epic before, so we had no idea of turning circles or even how far they go in one move.

Round 2.

We can finally fire! Moving this many ships takes an age, but for the record, it's a load of fun.

What followed was a few exchanges and in third round, I decided to shift the Corvette quickly into battle. Will split up his fighers while I stayed groups together, not knowing what to do.



 I can't recall what happened, just there was a lot of stuff going on and Will pulled off a great move getting my mini-fleet surrounded by TIEs on 3 sides. Very nice. Meantime, I was showing my uselessness by flying ships in to each other. This many ships was hard work to co-ordinate.


Eventually, he lost Palpatine in the Lambda - I'd nearly shot it out of the sky, but it ended up going down when the Corvette collided with it. Finally, the Corbette and Raider were getting near each other and a real battle could occur.

Then I fucked up, again, but colliding a load of my ships. Will was giggling, knowing his Raider was set to crash in to them. Thankfully, the E-Wing moved last of the regular ships and was able to escape just in time.



And that's where the game ended.

Ten Numb nearly shot down the TIE closest in the pic above - he'd spent most of the game too far back to be of any use, but now with time in the car park running out, he was able to get in the action.

Will had a lot of TIEs left, but his Raider had left 2 aft hull and that was it, the front was crippled. My Corvette was holding with a few hull left on the front and no damage on the rear. I had E'tahn bearing down on the Raider. Another round, and it would have been gone but, alas, we had no time and had to pack up in record time.

We ended up being there for 7 hours. I had a great time time. Id' have liked to have seen the game out, but Will was flagging and he had a long drive home. Epic is different to the few regular games I've played, and you know what? I loved it. Can't wait until the next time I manage to setup an Epic game.

Next time though, I'll start the Corvette closer to the middle rather than one corner, it took far too long to get it in the fight.