glory days well they'll pass you by

Oct 5th 2018 : Who are these people? + OCD Carl

2 years? 2 and a half years? It's been a long time since the last proper get together.... Carl's recent Singleness means we finally have a new base of operations. For the first time in years, we have the chance to start organising some gaming Sessions and catch up with the old gang.

Thursday night. I've been feeling ill for the week, but hoping to feel well enough to visit the guys in Essex on Friday. What was originally going to be a few nights stay was scaled down to just the Friday, due to my general health. We'd setup Carl's PC with my Steam games, and I packed the Switch with the newly arrived Mario Party.

Mario Party, Mario Kart, and my 600+ Steam titles. No boardgames this time, the new location doesn't have a table.

I'd hoped to have a test version of my little game to get some feedback from, but due to being unwell I'd not been able to cobble anything together. Trying to program with a headache is not a good idea.

I was due to get up at 5.15am on Friday to head off.

I actually woke at 3am in a great deal of pain - tooth ache! An hour later with no end in site, I messaged the guys - I'd not be able to make, needed an urgent dental appointment. Momentary ideas of pulling the tooth myself. Then it was a waiting game until 8.30 for the dentist to open. No appointments to Monday. Pain killers had kicked in, so fuck it, I may as well head to Essex.

Thankfully everyone was still available. Will and Carl were off for the day, and Phil would appear in evening. John literally got out of the country to have a legitimate excuse not to see his old friends, and Chris was unfortunately knackered from his stressful job. Still, 4 out of 6 ain't bad.

So off to Essex I went; grewing up in Essex it's always so strange returning. I had some speakers to pick up in the area before getting to Carls, which was the most exciting aspect of the journey. I don't like driving.

Get to the new Carl Chateau. He's out, thankfully Will had arrived to let me in.

"You've got to look in at this!" Will exclaimed....


Carl's always been OCD with borderline psychotic tendencies, so I guess it should not come as a surprise to see he's gone full on with his Symmetry and Exactness.

"Check out the kitchen cupboards!"

OK at this stage I'm wondering just what the fuck Will has been doing in Carl's flat by himself. I got especially worried when Will suggested dusting for prints and throwing UV light around the place. For many, many reasons, that's not something you should want to do at any place Carl has / is living at.

Now there's a line of thought that says Will is a quiet, chill guy. That's not quite the Will I know. He's got a mischevious side, and when the two of us are together we're like a couple of kids, so on a voyage of discovery we went. Just what is hiding in Carl's kitchen cupboards?


Scary as fuck! He's a single man, things should not be this way. And he wonders why he scares me.

So we changed this:


to this:


Just to fuck with him.

Because we're daft.

So anyway.... at some point we did start playing video games. Started on PC with SpeedRunners, which I'd purchased years back in the hopes of playing it all together. I'd given it a whirl at the time, and saved it ever since. A great game running around, this will get more time in future get togethers.


After thoroughly trouncing Carl and Will, the Switch was brought out, and we had a few games on Mario Kart, but that's very much a, "Been there, done that" kind of game for me. It looks amazing, controls great, but it doesn't do anything for me. I *want* to play the game, but once I do, I quickly get bored.

Unless I'm doing Time Trial.

So a few races of that, and onto the newly released Mario Party. I don't think we'd played a Mario Party since probably Mario Party 4 on the GameCube. We could have used a fourth player, but the CPU stepped up and we played 10 rounds.


As ever with a Mario Party, the atmosphere got a little tense when I stole a Star from Carl, and by the end (10 rounds = 1 hour of play time) we were kind of done and ready to move on. Hopefully this will get more of a look in next time, setup a decent 20 rounder with 4 of us and commit a few hours to insulting each other Smile

Unsure how much more loss Carl could take, I suggested we try something co-op. Back to the PC for Overcooked, another game I've had for so long without playing that there's a sequel out.


I think we have a winner here, and we had the delight of Will having hysterics as he burned the kitchen down, with no regards to Carl and I frantically trying to keep the kitchen running.

Starting to feel tired I was going to call it a day when Phil called to say he'd be over shortly, so we all stuck around and played some Overcooked 4 players. We had fuck all cooperation, but thankfully no-one got too shitty at each other. It's all in good fun. Honest.

For the final title of the night, I loaded up Towerfall which is one of my favourite multiplayer games ever, and only gets played with the guys (so not in 3 years, but I did buy the expansion back a year or two ago in anticipation).


I do like this game. Great great fun. 

However.... I started to have the same feeling I'd got during Speed Runners, which I'd brushed off. This was hard work.

Beating my mates at games, it was hard work. Could they have got better, or was I now worse? They're all older than me, so that's no excuse.

Must have been the toothache. That's must be it.

Towerfall is great. Chaotic, twitch gameplay. I'd like to play some Duels on it actually, as 4 players, I had trouble keeping up with everything going on, lol. 

Think it ended with everyone winning at least one Series, which is good to see.


And that was about it. Will headed off first, so I packed up and Carl, Phil and I sat around for a bit catching up (I'd not seen Phil in nearly 2 years).

Around 12 hours after I belatedly arrived, I drove back to Brighton, making the mistake of having a protein bar on the way which kicked off the toothache Sad

 (UPDATE - root canal needed, I have Zombie Tooth!).