do you remember the good old days?

Sep 12th - 13th 2014 : Zombies & Demons

It had been a long time since we were all together. How long? By my estimations, July 19th. 2013.

Two thousand and fucking thirteen.

That's poor. Though on the plus side, during that time it appears most people have lost some fat. By my count, the number of chins on display is almost in single digits. Almost.

The Six would be there for Friday evening, but as usual, my day started early with the drive up to Essex. It's always a strange experience entering Essex, it's literally like driving back to the mid 90's - the clothes, the hair, the cars, Essex lives on in that strange decade.

I picked Chris up and the first trip of the weekend to McDonalds. Cinema to watch Lucy (good film, brave), then round to see John.

Rock Band had been the plan from the start, but there wasn't much of a will to do it. The game is tired, we've done it to death, so we quickly decided to save Rock Band for the next time Andy and TigerNuts visit. With nothing else to do with 6 of us, that would just leave Zombicide. Suits me - I was keen to play it, and it's good to catch up with the guys over a boardgame. Rock Band tends to be.... loud.

First things first though. FOOD!

Another change. No pizza. Pub lunch. Very mature. Will even paid - very grown up! Thanks Will Drinks

Surprisingly, we managed to get Carl out of the pub. Over to Asda to stock up on crap.

Your eyes do not deceive you, The Usual Suspects are on their phones. But wait, they're all taking these fancy arse panoramic photos. Let's see how they turned out, shall we.



The wonders of modern technology.

And onto the game. Zombicide. A quick refresher of the rules, we were away. Lots of moaning about the figures being unpainted (!!). Characters chosen, we were off. 



We had a great game. We just had to get from the start to the exit. I've played this game before, and it can be quite tricky. However, this time we had the One Man Molotov Machine known as Droogy. His hero had a free search per turn, and got the flashlight for double searches. He was away. And just as well, because without them, we'd never have gotten to the exit. Three Fatties he took out, his scorched earth tactics giving us a route to the exit.

John finished up with about 20 kills. I had one.

And I better insert this photo, else Carl will accuse me of censorship.

The 60 minute game actually took us 3 hours, so unfortunately we only got the one game. Half the guys headed home, leaving Chris, Carl and I to watch a movie on the projector for a couple of hours, before Carl staggered home and I collapsed on the sofa.

Saturday morning, up nice and early. Chris and I took another stroll to Asda, this time for fruit. Not sure why I bothered. I was suffering from Pringle Mouth at this stage, my soft palette tissue eroded by the salt and chemical flavourings. It was far too late to consider health at this stage.

John appeared nice and early, carrying his amp and cables to hook up the PS4. I'd picked up Diablo III in the week, and it was going to be our Game Of The Day. Taking character advice from the Diablo addict Andy, I played as a Monk, John a Demon Hunter, and Chris a Witch Doctor. Later in the day, Chris would head off to be replaced by Will (Wizard) and Phil (Barbarian). I finished off the Pringles, most of a packet of Custard Creams and another McDonalds Smile

Will was struggling to remain awake from the moment he got there, but try as I might, he has some innate sense that means he opens his eyes at the moment I go to take a photo of him. I'll get you next time Will!

We worked through the entire of the first act, finishing it some 9 hours after we started. Quite a game, and a few of the guys are going to get it so we can continue playing online Biggrin

And that was that. Leaving at 6.45 meant I had a decent journey home for once; usually the Dartford tunnel / bridge is closed off when I reach it.

Good weekend, and we're planning the next already.